Lead Generation Framework

A step-by-step system to attract and engage better quality leads

Identify and Document Your Ideal Clients

Do you really know your ideal client? Do you understand the problems they’re trying to solve and their motivation for wanting to solve them? Do you know the triggers that start them looking for a solution? Do you communicate with them using the same terminology they use?

The better you know your ideal clients, the more effective you’ll be at attracting them.

How well do you know your ideal client?
  • I know my ideal client better than they know themselves
  • I know my ideal client somewhat
  • I’m struggling to identify who my ideal client is 

Create Your Irresistible Offer

Would you rather sell an offer your prospects can easily understand, and that makes them feel like they’re getting much more value than the price they’d have to pay to get it? Or sell an offer that confuses them and leaves them wondering if it will work for them and if it’s worth the price? The answer is obvious.

To sell a confusing offer, you have to be an outstanding marketer; however, it’s much easier to sell a product or service with an offer that’s clear and easily understood, even if your marketing isn’t that great.

Confusion kills sales. The bottom line is that clarity makes selling easier.

How satisfied are you with the current sales your offers are generating?
  • My offers sell consistently, and my ideal clients happily pay premium prices.
  • I know I could be doing better. My offers are converting here and there, but sales could be more consistent.
  • I’m frustrated. My offers are not converting.

Confusion kills sales. The bottom line is that clarity makes selling easier.

Develop Memorable Branding

Branding goes way beyond logos. It is the promise your company makes to customers. Great branding separates you from the competition, leaves a memorable impression, positions your business as the premier option in your niche, and ultimately makes selling easier.

Does your current branding accurately represent your business?
  • My branding is consistent across all channels and accurately represents my business positioning.
  • My branding needs some updating.
  • My branding is a mess.

Develop Website Authority

Your website serves as a window into your company. And consumers admit to making judgments on a company’s credibility based on its website’s design.

The difference between getting a new client and losing them to your competition often comes down to their first impression when they visit your website.

How authoritative is the design of your website?
  • I’m proud to show our website. It’s professional and reflects the positioning of the company.
  • My website is ok, but I’d love to change some things.
  • I have a website that hasn’t been updated in a long time.

Create Effective Sales Funnels

Approximately 96% of visitors aren’t ready to buy when they visit your website. It typically takes between 6-12 interactions before a prospect trusts you and is prepared to take the next step in the buying journey.

An effective sales funnel will help you capture more leads, get permission to interact with them, overcome objections, earn their trust faster, speed up the sales process, and convert more sales.

Do you have a “leaky” funnel? Are you sending traffic to a website that’s not designed to convert and capture leads?

How well are your sales funnels working for you?
  • I’m satisfied with how my funnel attracts, engages, and converts visitors to leads and clients.
  • I have a funnel, but it could be more effective at bringing me leads and clients.
  • I still need to build a funnel.

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Generation Traffic 

Generating website traffic is critical to have prospects enter your sales funnel. Whether PPC, SEM, SEO, or Social, you need a strategy that drives traffic to your site and captures leads.

You might have good messaging and a good funnel, but who cares if nobody sees it?

How effective are you at driving traffic to your website?
  • My website receives a steady stream of high-quality visitors. I can easily keep my sales pipeline full.
  • My website gets visitors, but the volume and regularity are lower than I’d want.
  • My website doesn’t get much traffic.

Create Maximum Visibility

You’ve heard the phrase “location, location, location.” The value of a piece of property largely depends on its location.

Think about how a business like McDonalds builds restaurants at major intersections to give them maximum visibility. More visibility equals more potential customers.

Social media can increase your business’ visibility. We just need to make your business easy for our ideal clients to find.

How is your business’ online visibility?
  • My clients can find me everywhere. I post regularly to my channels and I’m frequently a guest on popular blogs, podcasts, and other people’s groups within my niche.
  • I’m showing up on my website, social channels, and email, but I’m not effectively leveraging other people’s audiences.
  • I am not as visible online as I need to be.

Leverage Growth Multipliers

Exponential growth is something many businesses strive for, but not many companies achieve. By utilizing growth multipliers, you can leverage your marketing to create a greater impact and drive more prospects into your sales funnel.

How well does your business use growth multipliers?
  • I have automated funnels, a scalable service/product, and a team to support me.
  • I work one-to-many with group programs and have leveraged my lead generation funnel.
  • I work one-to-one with clients and do most things manually.

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